Meet Discoin

Latin America’s first blockchain-based Multilateral Loyalty Network

Located in the city of La Plata, the B2C platform helps local shops become more competitive, attract new customers and increase their sales by issuing discounts using the Discoin token, which customers can then use to make purchases in any of the network’s commerces.

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Meet Moneda Par

Latin America’s first blockchain-based Mutual Credit Network

Launched in March 2017, Moneda PAR is WABA Credit’s first use case. The B2B platform connects a community of more than 1000 MSME and entrepreneurs that exchange goods and services in 5 different cities using the Moneda PAR token. The platform boosts production by granting access to zero-interest credit, providing liquidity and enabling a new digital payment method to avoid using scarce legal tender money.

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We enable MSME and Local Shops to create tokens designed for the real economy.


Our closed financial and commercial Networks provide stability and prevent financial speculation from disrupting the real economy of the communities they are designed for.


Either building resilience in recessive times or boosting growth while the economy expands, our Networks allow entrepreneurs to overcome economic obstacles and develop their businesses’ full potential.


Our Networks grant secure, fast and cheap transactions, while extremely reducing the cost of integrating new nodes and communities into our Networks.

In Latin America and the Caribbean there are more than 15 million MSME that

of the GDP
Employ more than
Million people
Get from other MSME
of their supplies

However, they face four big problems:

Lack of credit

In 2018 Latin American and Caribbean MSME were denied loans by a total of 1.2 trillion U$D, stopping them from seizing countless business opportunities.

Unstable demand

Recession, unemployment, low salaries and Inflation affect the income of millions of people in the region, reducing purchases and clients for the MSME.

Strong competition

Local MSME have to compete against large retail companies, that can set lower prices, defer payments, access cheaper credit and deploy bigger marketing strategies.

Deficient Marketing

Most MSME and local shops advertise their products using billboards, fliers and shop windows, but few of them take advantage of social media and digital marketing tools.

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We offer practical and efficient solutions for actual problems faced everyday by millions of MSME, local shops and their customers.

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