WABA.network’s Euro Tour 2018: a recap

During 6 weeks, between May and June 2018, WABA.network’s team traveled across Europe to give presentations, meet with investors and communities, present the guidelines of the project and build new and fruitful alliances. The Tour took our Co-CEO’s Marina Solanas and Sebastián Valdecantos and our CTO Pablo Tutino to more than 15 cities in 9 different countries, where they delivered more than 15 workshops and talks in both private meet-ups and important blockchain industry events.

Now you can read the full four-part travel log here!

First Part:
Before Europe, the team visited Israel to meet with VCs, crypto experts and other startups from the israeli blockchain ecosystem.

Second Part:
The team arrived to Germany to attend Unchain Conference and Blockshow Europe and meet with representatives from Blockchain for Humanity and Coinsilium, among other organizations.

Third Part:
The team toured across The Netherlands, England, Italy and Ireland to attend he Blockchain International Show and MoneyConf, meet with the Positive Money,  Bank of the Commons and EOS Dublin communities and get in touch with dozens of other startups and VCs.

Fourth Part:
Towards the end of the Tour the team traveled through Spain, France and Malta (with an extra quick trip to Italy in the middle) to speak at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)NON central CONFFestival Altravelocità and Becon Global Malta Edition, and to meet with the Sardex.netMondragon Corporation and StartupToken communities.

We’d like to help to all the people, communities and organizations that made this empowering and fruitful trip possible for us!