Discoin is WABA Loyalty’s first use case

We created a B2C platform to help local shops become more competitive by attracting new customers, creating loyalty and increasing sales.

How does WABA Loyalty work?



A shop rewards a customer with cashback in Discoins, for a percentage of her purchase.


The customer can then use those Discoins to pay for a percentage of a new purchase at the same or different shop.


Creates loyalty and reduces costs

Discoin is cashback that consumers can use at any moment at any member shop. Businesses pay a small transaction fee over the rewarded or accepted amount of Discoins.

Attracts new customers

Discoins are equivalent to money within the Network, and can be used to pay for future purchases. Unlike points-based programs, customers do not need to make several purchases to get their firsts benefits.

Encourages smarter shopping

Shops can better address their audience with targeted push notifications on specific promotions, while customers can find the shops that better suit their preferences.

Within the app, users can find affiliated local shops where they can receive or pay with Discoins using the wallet.

Using the Business Panel, local shops can check Discoins balance and manage their profile, Discounts and Rewards daily percentages, employees accounts and more.

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Using the Admin Panel, admins can check the Network’s KPIs, configure balances alarms, assign the minimum Discounts and Rewards allowed, administrate registered businesses’ accounts and more.

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