Our Co-CEO Marina Solanas was selected as one of the 6 finalists of the 2018 WeXchange Pitch Competition

WeXchange, the platform that connects high-growth women entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean with mentors and investors, announced the 6 finalist entrepreneurs of the Pitch Competition selected from more than 200 applicants from Latin America and the Caribbean, and our our Co-CEO Marina Solanas is one of them. On this occasion the competition had the theme “Women STEMpreneurs in the Digital Era” and the most innovative dynamic entrepreneur in the region will be awarded with the opportunity to participate in the exclusive Innovation Experience program in Israel. The winner and the finalists will also receive memberships at WeWork LATAM offices, access to mentorships provided by Everis experts, and other attractive prizes offered by Swisscontact LAVCA and Crehana . The pitch competition is organized by Angel Ventures.

The finalists stand out for leading enterprises in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and will present their projects during the WeXchange forum, in front of a jury of investors who will select the most innovative entrepreneur in the region. The other 5 finalists are Laura Mendoza, CPO of Unima (Mexico), Amparo Nalvarte, CEO and Co-founder of Culqi (Peru), María Laura Palacios, CTO of AgroPuma (Argentina), Angela Pinzón, Co-founder of DashFleet (Colombia) and Juliana Villalba, CEO and Co-founder of Rebus (Colombia). 

The finalists selection process was based on the basic requirements that the ventures have operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, and that they will also have a scalable product or service related to the STEM disciplines. The selection was in charge of a virtual judging panel composed of the following institutions:

Funds: Agrega Partners (Dominican Republic), Alaya Capital Partners (Argentina), Ameris (Chile), Angel Ventures (Regional), Arkfund (Mexico), DADNEO (Chile), Elevar Equity (Colombia), Ignia (Mexico), Fondo SP (Colombia), GB Fund (Peru), Magma Partners (Chile), Maschmeyer Group Ventures (USA), Mountain Nazca (Colombia), Village Capital (Mexico), Wayra (Peru), 37 Angels (USA) and 500 Startups (Mexico).

Accelerators & Programs: StartUPC (Peru), UTEC Ventures (Peru), StartUp Peru (Peru), BlueBox (Mexico), Endeavor (Peru), NXTPLabs (Argentina), TechStars (Berlin), Seedstars (Colombia), Swiss Contact (Peru), COFIDE (Peru) and IEEM Business School (Uruguay)

Startups: AmigoCloud (USA), Bocadio (Peru), Homie (Mexico), Aprendiendo.la (Peru), Gaszen (Mexico), Poliglota (Peru), Kurios (Peru), SimCase (Peru)

Companies: Private Advising Group (USA), Montezuma & Porto (Peru), Winnipeg Capital (Peru), Spark (Peru), Shift (Peru).

The Pitch Competition’s Final will take place during the Sixth Edition of WeXchange, on November 6th and 7th at the Universidad del Pacífico, in Lima, Peru.