MonedaPAR: real problems, real solutions, real users

More often than not blockchain is associated with a highly complex technological ecosystem and with the big financial world. However, its true game-changing capacities reside in a different context: real everyday interactions between peers. As it happened with many revolutionary technologies before, blockchain will not be able to fulfill its actual potential until it is not embraced by the average … Read More

Our Co-CEO Marina Solanas was selected as one of the 6 finalists of the 2018 WeXchange Pitch Competition

WeXchange, the platform that connects high-growth women entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean with mentors and investors, announced the 6 finalist entrepreneurs of the Pitch Competition selected from more than 200 applicants from Latin America and the Caribbean, and our our Co-CEO Marina Solanas is one of them. On this occasion the competition had the theme “Women STEMpreneurs in the Digital … Read More

Our new course on blockchain and complementary currencies is here!

Our latest collaboration with EOS Dublin is here! Do you want to understand how blockchain technology and complementary currencies are changing the definition of money for hundreds of communities all around the world? Do you know to see how they can help adress economic, social and environmental issues and create a whole new economy? Are you an economist, entrepreneur, developer or … Read More’s Euro Tour 2018: a recap

During 6 weeks, between May and June 2018,’s team traveled across Europe to give presentations, meet with investors and communities, present the guidelines of the project and build new and fruitful alliances. The Tour took our Co-CEO’s Marina Solanas and Sebastián Valdecantos and our CTO Pablo Tutino to more than 15 cities in 9 different countries, where they delivered … Read More

Last part: Spain, Italy, France and Malta

Barcelona The last part of our Euro Tour started in Barcelona, Spain. Our advisor August Corrons invited us to take part in an introductory seminar on blockchain at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), where a series of excellent speakers presented the fundamentals of the technology and demystified some common misconceptions. In our case, we were asked to provide our … Read More

MonedaPAR keeps expanding its network and integrating new Nodes

Moneda PAR, the first blockchain-based, peer-to-peer, zero-interest credit platform of Argentina, keeps expanding its network and integrating new Nodes. In addition to carrying out the third edition of the fast-growing Mar del Plata Node’s 2.0 Market, during the next few days the project’s team will be delivering presentations and workshops in four new cities in Buenos Aires Province, whose communities are … Read More

Total transactions’ value shows a 102% increase in one of MonedaPAR’s Nodes

Moneda Par​’s adoption keeps growing at amazing rates! The total value of the transactions completed during the second Market organized by the Mar del Plata’s city Node reached more than 14000 PAR in just a few hours, showing a 102% increase compared to the value from its first edition. MonedaPAR is the first blockchain-based, peer-to-peer, zero-interest credit network of Argentina. The platform was created in 2017 by our company, … Read More

How does MonedaPAR work?

Moneda PAR is the first blockchain-based, peer-to-peer, zero-interest credit network of Argentina. The platform was created in 2017 by our company, working alongside with social organizations and economic think-tanks. The network has users in four of the country’s biggest cities, including its capital city Buenos Aires, and has enabled the issuance of zero-interest loans in PAR (the token it operates … Read More