How does MonedaPAR work?

Moneda PAR is the first blockchain-based, peer-to-peer, zero-interest credit network of Argentina. The platform was created in 2017 by our company, working alongside with social organizations and economic think-tanks. The network has users in four of the country’s biggest cities, including its capital city Buenos Aires, and has enabled the issuance of zero-interest loans in PAR (the token it operates with) for more than USD 20,000, only during its first year of activity.

The platform connects a network of prosumers who exchange goods, services and knowledges both in person and virtually, through its own marketplace named MercadoPAR. When a purchase is made the seller receives a positive balance (equal to the price of the transaction) in his or her PAR wallet, while the buyer receives a negative one for the same amount.

These balances, which don’t accumulate interest, can only be spent or compensated (respectively) buying or selling goods, services or knowledges using PAR within the network. This allows its users to trade even in contexts defined by the lack of liquidity in fiat currency, and maintains the network’s capital within itself, fostering its growth. Blockchain technology plays a key role within the system, securing the safety, transparency and traceability of all its operations.

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