Moneda Par awarded in the LaBitConf 2017

Waba.Network’s original project Moneda Par has won the Blockchain for Humanity ‘Shakers’ award at the annual LaBitConf that was held on December 4th and 5th in Bogotá, Colombia. The project was awarded a prize in the “financial inclusion” category.

There were more than 20 selected projects in the category, of which 18% were in the concept stage, 36% in the prototyping stage, 14% in the MVP stage, 23% in the pilot stage. Only 9% of them, including Moneda Par, were in product stage.

The B4H “Shackers” Awards reward ambitious projects considered as “Social Hackers”, recognizing their Concept, progress and impact bringing Humanity to the Blockchain.

The following criteria were used to analyze the projects:

    • Country, Regional, Global potential.
    • Scalability.
    • Social impact.
    • Concept stage.
    • Use of Blockchain.

Waba.Network’s CEO Pablo Tutino stated: “We’d like to thank the LaBitConf 2017 for this great achievement. We’ve been thrilled to receive international recognition from a panel of blockchain technology experts and welcome this award with great pride and responsibility. We are now focusing on prompt ICO, that is first step towards the accomplishment of our mission: facilitating the creation of other products by the communities themselves, such as Moneda Par.