Our new course on blockchain and complementary currencies is here!

Our latest collaboration with EOS Dublin is here!

Do you want to understand how blockchain technology and complementary currencies are changing the definition of money for hundreds of communities all around the world? Do you know to see how they can help adress economic, social and environmental issues and create a whole new economy? Are you an economist, entrepreneur, developer or even just an enthusiast of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies?

Then this FREE course developed by WABA.network and EOS Bootcamp is for you!

These are some of the topics and questions the course will adress:

  • What is Legal Tender?
  • Why Nation-states can no longer shape their own economies?
  • What are Complementary Currencies and what can they do?
  • Which are examples of Complementary Currencies?
  • How can blockchain technology improve them?
  • What does WABA.network do?
  • How does MonedaPAR work?
You can join in right now! There’s no previous experience required! Register here!